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It’s beyond our professional scope to tell you how to vent your personal frustrations. But when it comes to venting your home, we’ve been providing exhaust fan installation and repair for many years. That could even eliminate a personal frustration or two for you in areas of your home that are prone to excess humidity, gasses, dust or smoke.

In the kitchen, exhaust fans provide remove unpleasant smells and smoke from a stir-fry gone awry. In the bathroom, they remove not only odors (we have no desire to be too descriptive here) but also excess moisture. Not surprisingly, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most common places where extra ventilation is needed– but they’re also often necessary in laundry areas, workshops, and basements.

Here are 5 benefits of having properly installed and maintained exhaust fans in your home:


1. Humidity Control

The humidity of a hot shower or steam bath feels good on your skin, but what’s it doing to the walls and ceilings of your bathroom? If you find yourself using mold and mildew remover too often, consider getting to the root of the problem. Mould and mildew love steam every bit as much as you do — it’s what makes them grow. Mould isn’t just a home maintenance and potential repair issue. It’s a health concern.

When it comes to mould and mildew, what you CAN’T see can be worse than what you can. Mould can grow beneath wallpaper and even throughout insulation. Get rid of excess moisture and you’ll stop mould and mildew in its tracks. A small fan mounted in a bathroom or laundry room ceiling or high on a wall will vent the moist air from the room and leave the air too dry for mould to grow.

2. Controlling Steam, Smoke and Odours

A stove hood extractor fan removes the steam, odours and smoke from cooking. These fans help limit smoke damage to walls and ceilings above your stove top.

An extra benefit of over-the-stove exhaust fans provide is that while they’re removing smoke and steam from cooking, they’re also sucking up the grease that rises with them. That means less wall-washing for you. If you’re using too much elbow grease to get rid of the grease, maybe it’s time to repair or replace your stove hood fan.

3. Gas and Dust Removal

An exhaust fan can literally be a life-saver in places in basements and wherever old gas appliances are used, as well as in living areas where smokers gather. Exhaust fans can also be useful in garages and workshops where dust producing equipment is used.

4. Heat Removal

Although exhaust fans aren’t primarily intended as hot air removers, on hot days an extractor fan in the ceiling can also provide heat-relief. Since hot air rises, a ceiling exhaust fan pulls heat into the roof space, creating a continual flow of cooler air into the room.

5. Maintaining Wall and Fabric Health in Smoking Areas

If we can’t stop you from smoking, can we at least convince you to ventilate the tobacco smoke in your home? An exhaust fan can help you lessen the effect of tar build up on walls windows and furniture. You can’t eliminate the effects of cigarette smoke entirely, but you can slow it down and keep your furniture and walls clean for much longer.

Finally, all exhaust fans need to send smoke, steam and odours somewhere. Most fans will vent into the roof space, but some will need duct hosing to the outside. The bottom line is that your home needs to vent, and well-placed, properly installed exhaust fans can help in the most vital areas. Let AJ’s Electrical assess your exhaust fan needs and install or repair as necessary. Call us at 604-946-8946 or contact us here on our website.