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Obvious Issues

Finicky switches and other odd glitches shouldn’t be taken lightly. They may be signs of a serious electrical problem in your home. The problem might be in its early stages, or something that’s on the verge of something “full blown” — a dangerous shock or fire hazard.

Hidden Dangers

But you may need an electrical inspection even if you’re not experiencing signs of trouble. It’s important to remind ourselves that nothing lasts forever, including electrical wiring and electrical systems. It’s best to have a professional shed some light on any hidden dangers that might be lurking.

One of the biggest dangerous in home wiring is something called “arcing.” Arcing is electric current present in electrical switches, electrical circuit breakers, and other electrical contact points that is brief, strong, highly luminous– and dangerous. Some studies estimate that arcing problems are the cause of 50 to 75 percent of house fires.

Some systems were dangerous from the moment they were installed, either because of poor installation, or as a result of substandard wiring. Or, both! For example, you may be living in a home built decades ago when aluminum wiring was used. This puts your home on the list of perhaps tens of thousands of susceptible residences throughout the Lower Mainland.

Aluminum wire was used for wiring entire houses for a short time from the 1960’s to the mid-1970’s in North American residential construction. The reason for this is that copper prices in that period were high. Unfortunately, there are safety problems with aluminum wiring. The most notable is a much higher likelihood of electrical fire. You may not even qualify for insurance if your house has this wiring. It may result in difficulty in selling your home—even in Vancouver’s hot real estate market. Your home may be too hot for prospective buyers to handle.

Buying or Renovating? Be Proactive About Your Electrical Safety

What are some other reasons to get a residential inspection done? You may be buying a new home and want a thorough electrical inspection. See our Electrical Real Estate Inspections page for more information on what AJ’s electricians look for.

If you’re planning an addition to your house, it’s also wise to have us visit the site and to ensure that the wiring is “up to code.” The Canadian Code is the safety “bible” for electricians. Revisions of this national code are scheduled on a three-year cycle. The Code outlines in detail the wiring methods that are acceptable and safe. Anyone installing electrical wiring is required to comply with the Code. Not all code out-of-code issues carry equal weight, so it’s important to allow an AJ’s Electrical professional electrician prioritize safety issues for you.

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