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We open the curtains on this blog with light dialogue between two light bulbs from the movie, Dim and Dimmer. “Dim” exclaims, “You’re not the brightest light bulb in the house!” “Dimmer” responds with the diffusing response, “Maybe I don’t want to be.” Okay, we just made that up. But the point is, if light bulbs can communicate with each other (and technically they can), then certainly you can communicate with your home’s light bulbs.

Thanks to the usually humble-looking dimmer switch, you have the power to say, “Let there not be so much light.” Too much lighting in a given room can make it uncomfortable. Too little lighting can cause eye strain. A traditional on-off light doesn’t allow you total control over the amount of lighting in the room. One simple dimmer switch puts you fully in charge. AJ’s Electrical would like to offer 3 simple advantages dimmer switches.


1 – Dimmer Switches Save Energy and Money

Having control over how much lighting is used in a room gives you a break on your energy bill. Cutting lighting wattage itself saves money, but it also has the additional effect of reducing the wear and tear on the lighting. This makes for a longer bulb life. Yes, it’s a relatively small thing in the realm of cost savings. But little savings, over the course of a year, add up to bigger savings. Consider all the ways you could be enjoying your hard-earned money, instead of wasting it on electricity you don’t need.

You’ve trained yourself (and hopefully everyone in your household) to turn off the lights when you’re not in the room. Dimmer switches let you save energy when you are in the room.


2 – Choose from a Variety of Lighting Control Options

“Where’s the remote?” If you or other household members are frequently heard uttering that question, maybe remote controlled dimming isn’t a good idea. But it is an option, should your memory or organizational skills improve. The classic dimmer-knob on the wall is much easier to find—happily fixed to the wall. You may want to “tech it up” a bit with options like sliding switches and touch dimmers. These give you a change of lighting simply by pressing a button. You can use dimmer switches in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and breakfast nooks and wherever you want to save money or create a mood.


3 – Dim the Lights, Give Your Bulbs a Longer Life

We already mentioned that light bulbs last longer when you use a dimmer, but let’s get specific about dollars and cents. If you dim your lights by at least 25%, you’ll save about 1/5 of the electricity needed. And, just as you might have suspected, the more you fade the lamp, the longer the bulb will last. Instead of replacing the bulb every 5-6 months, you can now wait 3 or 4 years to do it. Life should be about more than changing light bulbs, right?

You might be wondering if dimmers work for all bulbs. Most incandescent and halogen bulbs will work with most dimmer switches. Fluorescent lights can also be used with dimmers, but the effect on the room will be different. Instead of the warm candlelight look, a fluorescent bulb’s colour “keeps its cool,” so to speak. You can soften the effect of a fluorescent bulb with a dimmer, but you won’t get a candlelight effect. Dimming a fluorescent bulb will not make the life of it any longer but it will still bring you some energy savings.

As we dim the lights on this blog, we remind you that AJ’s Electrical has some pretty bright lights on its team when it comes to installing dimmer switches or anything electrical. Proprietors Shawn Willis and Darren Martin have 50 years of combined experience in residential and commercial electrical installation and repair. We’re here to help. Call us at 604-946-8946 or contact us here on our website.