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So, you want to make some light fixture changes to complement your home decor? Maybe you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading some of your existing lighting fixtures either for safety or style reasons. Whatever the reason, illumination is as much an art as it is a science. At AJ’s we keep our light on to both the art and the science of light fixture installation.

The Design

The “art” part of lighting has a lot to do with your own preference, whether based simply on personal taste or current trends, or both. At AJ’s we like to keep up-to-date on trends like state-of-the-art home automation controls available via your smartphone, colour-changing LED lighting technology, as well as the latest style and design trends in lighting fixtures. We’re happy to help you with choosing a design, with new, smart technology in mind.

The Science

The “science” part of lighting fixtures is where we really excel at AJ’s. Many of our installation customers are homeowners who find a fixture in a hardware store and wisely choose to have an experienced professional install it. Do-it-yourself lighting can turn into a time-consuming project that can be both complicated and costly. And it can be downright dangerous. Whether you’re wanting to install a new fixture in a bedroom, bathroom, living area, or even outdoors, get in touch with AJ’s Electrical first.

Pendant Lighting

If you’re still at the planning stages, considering replacing traditional ceiling fixtures with wall-mounted, or recessed lighting, for example. Pendant lighting is also worth thinking about, given it’s renewed popularity. As the name suggests, pendant lights hang down from their ceiling mounts like a pendant on a necklace. For years now, many homeowners — often inspired by the low-light ambiance they experienced in their favourite restaurants —  have been installing this type of lighting. Instead of take-out, why not bring the restaurant home? The style options for light fixtures are myriad.

Keep in Mind..

As you dream about new light fixtures, keep it practical. Remember that not all lights fit into every space. Before purchasing a fixture, feel free to check with us at AJ’s to ensure it’s rated for the power provided to the planned installation spot — and that there’s a space to fit the fixture onto the wall or ceiling. Sometimes extra wiring needs to be added and system changes need to be made to accommodate a new fixture.  If you’re in doubt, it’s better to find these things out before you buy. You’ll be spared the grief of having to return the fixture, and from possible unexpected costs at installation time.

AJ’s Electrical can ensure not only the look and feel you want, but also a safe installation that conforms to all safety codes. Safety is the number one reason to hire a professional electrical contractor. Installation accuracy is an important aspect of a safe installation. AJ’s Electrical will ensure that all wires are secure and that proper power supply and voltage is calculated for the entire operating system, as well as for necessary weather-tight underground connections. Proper maintenance checks at installation time will greatly reduce future costs.

Something would-be do-it-yourselfers don’t usually consider is the post-installation mess and clean-up. AJ’s professional no-mess installation means that the only trace left behind is a beautifully lit home.

Proprietors Shawn Willis and Darren Martin have 50 years of combined experience in residential and commercial installation and repair. With all that experience, you might say they’re “fixtures” themselves.

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