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Dimmer Supply & Installation

Dimmer switches are an economical way to use less energy and save bulb life. Saving energy and longer-lasting bulbs go hand in hand. Having professionals do the installation in your home or office means will ensure that more of your money stays in your pocket every day.

At the same time you’re reducing energy use and extending bulb life, you’ll be doing your part to reduce the pollution produced by power plants. Longer bulb life also means you will be throwing fewer bulbs away over time. And less of everything in our landfills is better for everyone!

What’s good for the earth’s health is also good for yours. Scientific studies suggest dimming lights in the evening has less negative effect on sleep cycles. Light-dimming also lowers “colour temperature,” replicating the effect of the setting sun.

Let an AJ’s professional electrician install your dimmers safely and economically.

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