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Electrical Wiring & Outlets

An electrical system that functions properly is an essential feature of a safe and healthy home. Our Electrician can identify common flaws and can protect against fire and electrical shocks by checking electrical wiring & outlets.

There are a number of problems the faulty wiring can cause, including outlet issues, such as outlets that are completely dead or only one half of the outlet works.

Are you having issues with lights? This might mean you have wiring issues, indicated by:

  • light bulbs are burning out at a high rate. It may be bulbs are simply poor quality. But it may mean something potentially dangerous– like may be loose, arcing connections in the socket or in the wiring of the circuit.
  • flickering or blinking lights
  • lights that get extra bright while others run dim. Bulbs may pop and electronic appliances give up the ghost too soon.

Tripping-Breaker Issues

If a circuit breaker or outlet has tripped off and won’t reset, it’s not necessarily the fault of breaker. It is probably responding to an issue on the circuit it is protecting.
The above issues do more than just create ongoing expense. They are potentially dangerous. They can also pose repair hazards for the do-it-yourselfer.
Electrical circuit issues are much more complicated and risky than replacing a light switch or installing a ceiling fan. Think “safety first” and trust the experts at AJ’s.

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