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Lighting Design & Installation

It’s good to have an electrician who both understands lighting design and can install the best types and fixtures for each area of your home.

There are three types of “layers” of light used in a home. Which layers are best for each room? That depends on the room and the size and function of the room. As a rule of thumb, it takes two layers of lights to illumine a room. Sometimes simply adding a layer of light can dramatically increase the quality of light and set a desired mood.

Ambient lighting is general lighting that provides a comfortable, foundational level of light for every room.

Task lighting is common in the kitchen, office and bath, giving direct light for detailed work such as reading, cooking, or applying make-up. Unique fixtures are often required, or simply desired, for task lighting. These include track lighting, under-cabinet lighting and work lamps.

Accent lighting is a secondary source of lighting used to spotlight interesting features such as paintings or decorations. Accent lights also help fill in the rest of the room where ambient light can’t reach. Recessed lighting receptacles are often used for accenting– as are track lighting and wall sconces.

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