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Plugs & Switches – Replace & Install

Wall plugs and switches that aren’t working properly are often the result of electrical components that have deteriorated over time, outdated aluminum wiring, and mistakes made by previous contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Faulty plugs and switches present a potential safety hazard– either within the switches or outlets themselves, individual circuits, or the overall wiring of your home.

Deteriorated electrical switches, for example, can create dangerous arcing and result in extremely high heat. Arcing problems, according to various recent studies, are the cause of 50 to 75 percent of electrical fires.

Even aside from safety issues, faulty outlets and switches give the impression that your home hasn’t been taken cafe of. This is a potential deal-breaker when you try to sell your home.

We would recommend changing plugs if they are old and worn out.  If you plan to sell your home, worn/old switches and outlets will give the impression that the home has not been taken care of.  Keeping them upgraded and up to code is most important. Replace outlets & switches with CO/ALR approved devices as this will greatly reduce the most frequent failures if they are old.

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